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Book Sense Best Book of the Year Award

Friday, October 12 2007 Book Sense Best Book of the Year Award

The Book Sense Book of the Year (BSBY) Awards are now the Indies' Choice Book Awards (ICBAs), reflecting the spirit of independent booksellers and their dedication to handselling unique, thought-provoking, and engaging books to eager readers.

The Book Sense Book of the Year Award was inaugurated at BookExpo America 2000. ABA rededicated the award in recognition of a new era in bookselling, as well as the important role the Book Sense Picks List has played for independent booksellers in discovering and spreading the word about books of quality to all stores, and readers, nationwide.

Throughout the year, Book Sense independent booksellers from across the country nominate for inclusion in the monthly Book Sense Picks the books that they most enjoyed handselling to their customers. The books on each list represent a combined national and local staff pick selection of booksellers' favorites from more than 1,200 independent bookstores with Book Sense.


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